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Tax Problems

We Solve CRA Tax Problems

If you owe money to the CRA, MK & Associates can help!

Are you one of the thousands of Canadians with CRA tax problems? If so, MK & Associates may have the right solution. We understand that CRA problems have the potential of ruining every aspect of your life, if you let them. If you owe back taxes, the CRA may soon be sending you a notice to indicate garnishment of wages, your pension, your savings, and/or your property.

Now is the time to act, and we’re here to help you resolve your tax problems.  Our Tax Team has successfully negotiated settlements for our clients, saving them thousands of dollars.

Settle Back Tax Debt

If you are one of the many taxpayers with back tax debt, we understand your fear. And, you are not alone. The CRA knows there are millions of dollars in unpaid back taxes, interest and penalties and they are looking to collect that debt.

Many taxpayers fall behind in paying their taxes for any of a variety of reasons major health issues, divorce, job loss or loss of income. Small business owners may get behind in payroll taxes, which can quickly escalate into a large tax debt, including the interest and penalties the CRA assesses. The amount of tax owed can quickly add up to an amount you fear you will never be able to pay, so you quit filing your returns and hope the CRA does not notice.

Maybe you’re worried that coming forward will get you into more trouble. Maybe you think if you come forward, you will find out the amount you owe will end up being even larger than you imagined. Or you think if you keep quiet, the CRA might overlook you. Wrong.

Not doing anything is about the worst thing you can do, but what many taxpayers don’t realize is just about everything is negotiable with the CRA if you have the MK & Associates Tax Team on your side.

CRA does not make up the rules, and understanding the law is the first step. There is always a chance that CRA may audit your return. Makes sure you never have to meet with the CRA agent alone. We can assist you with your:

  • GST/HST audits
  • Income tax auditsmeeting at MK & Associates
  • Defend your return in a review request
  • Schedule & attend all audit appointments
  • Review your tax return for additional problem areas
  • Review your documentation before the CRA sees it
  • Handle all audit correspondence
  • Provide assistance with all other income tax queries or correspondence

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