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CRA Annual Letter Campaign

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) will soon be conducting its 8th annual letter campaign. In January 2020, the Small and Medium Enterprises Directorate of the Compliance Programs Branch will once again send educational and intent-to-audit letters to selected groups of Canadians through the Office Audit Letter Campaign. The campaign supports the CRA’s increased emphasis on helping individuals and small businesses to better understand their tax obligations and to encourage them to correct any inaccuracies in their past income tax and benefit returns.MK depth of field chess

The campaign is part of the CRA’s efforts to encourage voluntary compliance among groups of taxpayers who, our research indicates, may be at risk of non-compliance.

The CRA gives taxpayers a chance to come forward and correct their tax affairs through My Account, a T1 Adjustment Request or the Voluntary Disclosures Program, and taxpayers are taking advantage of these opportunities.

If you have questions about the CRA letter campaign or need help making changes to previously filed returns, please contact us to assist you.

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